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ILLW 2019 Event @ The Old Low Light

ILLW 2019 Event @ The Old Low Light

International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend 17/8/19 – 18/8/19.

The Old Low Light

The Old Low Light is a Grade 2 listed building, the oldest surviving, occupied building on North Shields Fish Quay. It began life as a lighthouse, belonging to Trinity House of Newcastle upon Tyne and was enclosed by Clifford’s Fort in 1672. In the early 19th century, it was converted into an Almshouse and during the 20th century was used as a training establishment for the Deep Sea Fisheries Association and later the Maritime Volunteer Service. It stands within the Fish Quay Conservation Area, is owned by North Tyneside Council and leased to Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust.

For more information regarding the Old Low Light have a look at their web page;

With some of the preliminary work done the previous day several members of the club were at the Old Low Light, North Shields early on Saturday morning to complete the final set up of the radios and antennas.

Two stations were set up on Saturday morning with FT8 and CW kicking the day off.

The event has generated a lot of interest and interaction from the public and two new potential club members, we have spent time showing people how the stations set ups work and have shown them the various modes available.

Conditions not good at our location today but the interaction and interest from the public has been brilliant, we have also had a couple of old ex members turn up to say hello, Terry, Rick and Tom.

Glen, Graham and Tony were back at the Old Low Light early the following morning and put the antennas back up to start day two.

FT8 was up and running with contacts being made from the off, listening on SSB there were a few stations being heard but not many.

The weekend was hard work from a radio perspective, perhaps this was down to conditions or was there interference in the premises causing problems for us. We intend to go back and do some checking,

From the point of view of the Low Lights it was considered a great success and they enjoyed having us at the premises and we enjoyed the welcome that we received. The interaction with members of the public was also very good with most of them taking time to find out about what we were doing.


73’s Graham M0GAE




ILLW 2018 Event

ILLW 2018 Event

The International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend is upon us !

So as a club (Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club) once again had the chance to operate from the Lightship LV50which is the home of The Royal Northumberland Yacht Club and is berthed in the Marina of Blyth Harbour on the North East coast of the UK.

Now this is no small issue, because this vessel is the last all-wooden light vessel, constructed for Trinity House in 1879.  Her design of 1878 is credited to Bernard Weymouth, Secretary to Lloyds and one of the architects of the “plimsoll line” and H.Y. TYNE III is one of the last remaining wooden lightships afloat.

So all in all a proper privilege to be aboard and also be allowed to string antennas and the such like to the mast, and that’s not all.. It’s got a full operating restaurant and bar inside ! Bacon Sarnies for brekkie anyone !!

We setup in the fore peak of the boat with 2 x Kenwood TS590’s one for CW & Digital and one for SSB operation, we would use WinTest for logging and a number of the guys from the club said they would call in during the day and operate. Initially myself and Glen Thompson were at the helm with me on SSB.

Now this is my first year taking part in this event with a club and also for any length of time operating. so you can imagine my surprise when at first I thought my receiver was a bit deaf !! Argh !! We did some investigation but came up with nothing and I had S5 -7 of noise almost all day ! It dawned on me after lunch that the plethora of masts on the yachts in the Marina wouldn’t exactly be helping our cause. I suspected they were acting as a random set of parasitic elements and bouncing RF all over the place..

This was kind of confirmed when Bob (one of our members) tuned into the event from home and confirmed the bands were indeed fairly active and we confirmed we could hardly hear anything !!!

So its back to the drawing board tomorrow and move a vertical antenna quote away from LV 50 and the Marina whilst still staying onboard to operate, watch this space for an update from day 2 ! That said we still managed 100+ contacts across SSB/CW/Digi for the day so not too bad a haul for a days work.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s shenanigans.. I’ll hopefully be there for a few hours to take pics and generally make a nuisance of myself ! LOL

Here’s the SSB List from today.

14220.0 SSB I1JHS 
14220.0 SSB IV3LBP 
14220.0 SSB DA2018LH 
14220.0 SSB DL4EAM 
14220.0 SSB ON6OO 
14220.0 SSB DD0PM 
14220.0 SSB DL8GA 
14220.0 SSB DK4IM 
14215.0 SSB F8GGV 
14215.0 SSB PB8DX 
14215.0 SSB PD0TV 
14215.0 SSB SV9RGI 
14215.0 SSB RX3DPK 
14215.0 SSB F5IDJ 
28470.0 SSB DH2DAM 
28483.0 SSB DH1AD 
28483.0 SSB PA3AJI 
28491.0 SSB PA3EFR 
14218.3 SSB GB1DLH 
14220.0 SSB OV1LH 
14260.0 SSB DL0PJ 
14260.0 SSB DJ9IN 
14175.7 SSB S59DXX 
7107.1 SSB PA6FXU 
7103.0 SSB GB4EUL 
7197.0 SSB DA2018LH 
7166.0 SSB GB2SJ 
7155.0 SSB EI0DXG 
21127.7 SSB S51LGT 
21127.7 SSB F4FET

Field Day – July 2018

Field Day – July 2018

Sat 21st July, A day that will be long remembered, by me at least… !

It was the summer Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club Field Day, one of a few we have planned over the summer, which in fact so far is proving to a proper corker of an English summer

There were 6 vehicles and 7 members present in total and an amazing array of kit and antennas ! Everything from an 80m Doublet to a 2m Beam was present and almost everything in between.

I was operating with my friend Carl Gorse (2E0HPI) using the DXCommander vertical antenna which I find is an excellent all round vertical that covers multiple bands. Initially we set out to use my TS590SG which turned out to be a no go at anything over 10 watts as the car 12v system just could not provide the current and the radio simply shut down each time TX over 10 watts was used.. Luckily ! I had my trusty KX 3 and LifePO battery box at hand which I normally take on portable ops with Carl so we reverted to that and blasted out our mighty 15 watts LOL !!

We did well with a total of around 18 in the log, mainly from Europe but we had some great craic in the sun, eating sandwiches and talking radio with the other members, I took along my restored WWI Lancaster bomber radio, a marconi R115A receiver so we could listen to AM broadcast radio just for some entertainment !

The log for the day read like this :

40 Meters

(7.160 Mhz)
(7.096 Mhz)
(7.144 Mhz)
(7.180 Mhz)

Echolink (2 Meters)

17 Meters

(18.144 Mhz)