The Intermediate Licence

The Intermediate Licence

The Intermediate Licence provides you with the opportunity to further develop your skills in the theory of radio communications. You will also construct and test simple circuits as part of the assessment.

The course is delivered by experienced Radio Amateurs who through the process of ‘supported self-study’ and practical assessment will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction
  •  Safety
  • Identify Construction Projects
  • Nature of Amateur Radio
  • Licence Conditions
  • Technical Basics
  • Transmitters and Receivers
  • Feeders and Antennas
  • Propagation
  • EMC
  • Operating Practices and Procedures
  • Course Review
  • Demonstration of Completed Project
  • Construct your own simple DC circuit
  • Measure voltages, currents and resistance
  • Demonstrate the operation of diodes and transistors
  • Fabricate a BNC to PL259 adaptor cable
  • Correctly wire a 13A to IEC mains cable
  • Calibrate a Variable Frequency Oscillator
  • Build a simple radio related project

Some sample papers from past exams are below so you can get an idea on how the exam looks and what the typical types of questions may be asked.

Sample Paper 1
Sample Paper 1
Sample Paper 2
Sample Paper 2





More information on the RSGB syllabus for the intermediate licence can be found here 

Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club is an approved Examination Centre. If you wish to enrol on an Intermediate Course then drop us a line via our contact form.