SOTA – Scafell Pike

SOTA – Scafell Pike

So today was an education, in more ways than one. First lesson was never trust your brother in law when he says we’re going out for a walk in the lakes, come along bring your radio; it not going to be anything heavy duty… Second lesson was always be prepared, and if there are ‘two’ SOTA summits nearby make sure you activate both of them; now remember this as I did actually say ‘two’ summits. 

So it was a 3:30 am start, now this in itself is not a good start. I don’t do early mornings but this is the middle of the flipping night man ! Anyway we headed off to the lakes and duly ended up at the Wastwater car park around 7am. We then set off for Scafell. 


Chris (my brother in law) had a plan to ‘not take the normal’ routes and to try and get to the summit via what looked like a gulley called ‘Lords Rake’ which all seemed feasible. After all he had it planned and we had a map etc.. Happy days. 

Some where along the way we got kind off track as it were and actually ended up on the opposite side of the gulley to Lords Rake, what did that mean.. well. It meant we had to scale to the summit of Scafell via what I believe is called ‘Deep Crag’. This wasn’t exactly walking it was more like rock climbing! The walls of the crag were wet and slippery from the night before and this made even more sketchy.

That said, we made it ! The celebration at the top was part elation and part relief! 

So about the radio / SOTA stuff, well remember I said ‘two summits’ right?

Well Scafell was in the SOTA database as G/LD-002 and I operated from the top and activated this ‘summit’ with about 6 contacts as we only had a very brief time up there before heading on…Where to you ask ?

Well across the way we could see Scafell Pike and the plan was to get across there and then come back via Lingmell Gill. 

Now Scafell Pike has quite a decent path defined up from the valley floor and doesn’t look to be too much of a climb, the only issue was we were not on the valley floor we were on Scafell. This link here will give you and idea of what we had to come.. 

We headed off Scafell and duly made our way back to Lords Rake which was just over from where we climbed up deep crag to get to the first summit, and yes you guessed it we had to descend Lords Rake… Not good. Very precarious with lots of loose rock and slippery surfaces with next to no hand holds. 

That said we managed it, scary ? Yes. Hard work? Yes. We then headed off to Scafell Pike via Mickledoor which wasn’t too bad and gave us some great views! Scafell Pike is a 10 point summit (G/LLD-001) which actually has a fairly well defined path up to it that attracts lots of visitors. Except we decided to take the brother in laws scenic route as I have said! Once at the top I didn’t have long as we had planned to descend via Lingmell and we had yet to eat lunch!

Never the less 2M came good and I managed 9 contacts total with 1 summit to summit contact with David (G0EVV/P) who was on G/LD-003.

So as it turns out Scafell is now NOT a SOTA summit despite it being more difficult to ascend than the pike and I only found this out when I got home and tried to upload my log. It has been DOWNGRADED ! to a hump in the HEMA Awards scheme. A Hump !! Can you believe that ! 

I’m glad I activated both peaks today or I would have 1 measly HEMA point for a 20 hour day out walking !! 

Here is the brief list of QSO’s for today 
MW6ISC : Op – Steve : Wales  
2E0MOW / M : Chris : Unknown 
G0EVV / P : Op – David : Helvellyn G/LD-003 (S2S) 
G6NHW / A : Op – Pete : Unknown 
M0LKO : Op – Andrew : Ulverston 
M6XVE : Op – Sheri : Ulverston 
G4YLB : Op – Jim : Unknown 
GM3 VMB : Op – Peter : Lockerbie 
2E0LDF : Op – Reg : Cockermouth 

Steve Nelson



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